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Don't crack my shell

Seipp Prize, B.Arch. Third Year Studio Competition, September 25th 2019

Published onJul 12, 2020
Don't crack my shell

Inspired by the notion of cellular living structures (Japanese metabolism), the the tripartite house seeks independence from the land and its surroundings. The house, sightless per the competition brief, purposely ignores its surroundings, seeking independence from the land and context: the house is built for the sky. Independence and dismissal of the site are further developed into the structural system of the house: a two-directional timber beam system, reflecting ambivalence towards the surroundings.

The house is elevated from the earth, acting as a "unit of resilience and protection from natural disasters". The open floor plan and central core are designed to accommodate multiple uses: adapt, and change based on the changing needs of the inhabitants to provide maximum living flexibility.

The envelope of the house is conceived as an onion: a series of multiple, concentric atmospheric barriers. The façade of the house, a poly-carbonate envelope, acts a visual filter and as a thermal buffer between the interior and exterior spaces, while a second layer of glass sidling doors acts as the thermal boundary.

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