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Cascadilla Crossing

Published onJul 18, 2020
Cascadilla Crossing

The intersection of Cascadilla Creek, Route 13 and the Waterfront Trail observes an interesting urban condition: the succession of public amenities along the Cascadilla Creek trail experiences a physical disconnect due to the interruption of the highway. At this node, the waterfront trail faces deterioration in quality since major urban planning efforts have prioritized either infrastructure or major public programs such as the Farmer’s Market.

The edge along Cascadilla Creek where the Waterfront Trail is disconnected from the Cascadilla Trail is underutilized. This project unifies and bridges these disparate conditions and seizes opportunity to create a new landmark along a major access point of the city.

Formally, the project is three converging bars linked at two levels, bisected by idiosyncratic feature in the center that becomes the consolidating element functioning as the major gathering space.

Each bar features a set of programs derived from its immediate and extended context. The “Market Bar” continues the commercial activities and atmosphere from the Ithaca Farmer’s Market at the west end of the site. The “Education Bar” contains co-working spaces and part of the library, projecting the educational programs of the Sciencenter at the southwest corner of the site. Parallel to the creek, the “Community Bar” is composed of an athletic center, an auditorium, a café and the entrance to the library. Exterior access is split between the Community Bar and the Market Bar, allowing for pedestrian connection between the two disengaged trails.  

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