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Kota Kita

Published onApr 23, 2020
Kota Kita

Over the summer of 2016, Kieran Micka-Maloy, a junior studying Urban and Regional Studies and Southeast Asian Studies, interned with Kota Kita, a participatory planning NGO based in Surakarta, Indonesia. During his internship, he participated in a community-mapping process in several of the city’s neighborhoods. 

During this process, Kota Kita holds a series of focus group discussions, seen in the following photos, in which participants can voice their opinions on major problems facing their community and provide relevant data on these problems. Using this localized expertise, Kota Kita then produces a “mini-atlas” for each neighborhood, illustrating the community’s main areas of concern, and filtering those concerns through the lens of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Kieran was involved in both the community outreach process and the mini-atlas design process. Two of the mini-atlases Kieran helped produce can be seen in the maps below.

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