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Aarau Bus Stop Structure Model

Published onJul 18, 2020
Aarau Bus Stop Structure Model

The Aarau Bus Terminal canopy is the world’s largest air-supported membrane cushion acting as the main entrance for the central public transport hub. Structurally comprised of steel columns connected to steel beams that support the overall form of the canopy and tensions members supporting an inflated cushion membrane.

The contrast between the semitransparent surface and the open air intensifies the impression of lightness and the feeling of being out in the open, yet essentially protected from the elements. The built structure now stands as a landmark for Aarau, Switzerland; representing a unique mixture of functional, advanced technology and a play on sensory perception through the use of light and structure.

The intent of this project was to investigate structural systems while also honing various methods of model making. By using various materials, true to structure and performance, this model allowed for various discoveries as well as insightful techniques in order to create a compelling and accurate physical model.

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