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Ambiguous Topographies

Published onJul 18, 2020
Ambiguous Topographies

Originating from a study of buildings in a state of partial demolition, this project represented typically static floors as an object in motion. Through physical modelling and drawing, these floors are represented as a new topography, drawing similarities between the chaotic nature of the gorge walls adjacent to the site.

While the realization of the library project is in a single state, the ambiguous nature of the initial concept is formalized into a series of banded and stepped floors that create new and diverse topographic conditions over three floors.

Books and other services are housed within the thickened topography, making the process of searching for a book an exploration through the differing levels.

These ambiguous topographies allow for a variety of static and dynamic uses both on top and within to ensure the library will have the ability to house a variety of functions throughout hourly, daily, or yearly cycles.

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