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Triangular Desire

Published onJun 11, 2020
Triangular Desire

Medium: Acrylic on canvas.

As a person who became heavily influenced by academia such as historical, psychological, and political theory, I had a gradual transition into seeing art as something with social responsibility. As for my body of work, I am particularly interested in figurative sensual depictions of gender/sexuality laced with themes of Islam, political history, and my Persian heritage. I favor pieces that are cathartic and nurturing experiences for the artist (myself) and for the audience of the piece. However, I also seek to depict the raw nature of loss, transiency, and the illicitness of my own existence. Often this is in confluence with ontological truths present throughout the universe through divine gnosis. Due to this, most of my art is expressive of my experience, past, and identity through other objects, beings, or histories. My practice includes installations, found objects, and figurative illustrative art featuring subjects of female, male, and ungendered origins in order to elicit nostalgia for fantastical historical epistles.

Ultimately, I cater towards allowing the viewer to interpret the intention of the work rather than proposing polemics with the viewer.

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