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Published onNov 03, 2020

[para]Churches are interventions to existing sacred places,

designed to bring all people into the city,

using what was once oppressing

                              and transforming it

into secular, navigable space.


they attempt to offer areas for

reflection and interaction, for both isolation and integration.

they convert existing conditions into viewing pleasures,

making those spaces that       impose values unto others,

            into ones that give,

that allow others to appreciate them for their intrinsic

            spatial qualities.


planned around a premise of neutrality,

para-churches remove the capital-C-Church from churches,

and nurture self-expression, self-service and self-direction.


they are not pre-configured rooms

that attempt to inform users what to do,

but rather

                              interpretable stages

that allow them to direct their individual performances

                              in space and the city.


[para]Churches offer:

      a relief from internal and external contaminations,

      a destination for contemplation and relaxation,

            a chance for intimacy.

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