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Published onMay 25, 2020

Deeply embedded in the human instinct, play offers some break from immediate reality, enriching the day to day and providing a lens to reinterpret the world over and over again. Too often, play is typecast as juvenile, as if it should—or can —be outgrown. Using play as a medium for commonality and urban leisure, the project seeks to reinvigorate the industrial territory of Gredjl, providing a connective space for intergenerational play in all its forms.

The project considers three kinds of play —recreational sports, children’s play, and adult play—interlocking them spatially and temporally in one exploratory space: a vacant 19th-century state rail building in an industrial zone in the center of Zagreb. Wildflower fields skirt rubber playing courts, crisscrossed by tensile climbing structures that provide unprecedented access to the upper limbs of the historic hall, threaded through dynamic enclaves for nightlife. The project leverages nature to enliven constructed playscapes, ultimately making way for ephemeral qualities to emerge.

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