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Published onNov 03, 2020

In a dystopian future, the United States and Mexico are divided worlds separated by a 30-ft tall wall. A permanent reminder of a disjointed world, and a distant memory of what lies behind it. 

Over time the border cities developed separately, breaking away from their co-dependence. In the absence of immigrant inhabitants, the age of automation and artificial intelligence transformed San Diego and replaced the need for cheap labor. On the southern side, Tijuana’s economy plummeted. This bleak reality was enhanced by the outrageous number of Latin Americans that migrated north over time in hopes of reopening the border. The city's inhabitants forgot their neighbors; they are weary of what is on the other side of the wall. 

In an act of defiance a private landowner created a memorial for the other side, an intervention on the wall portion of his property. It commemorated a time when nothing existed or happened in one side that didn’t affect the other. It is a series of 30-ft tall mirrors encased in bulletproof glass, revealing who is on the other side by reflecting one side’s image next to the other side’s visitor. The mirrors distort reality, and blend the two sides together. 

This project was completed in the Option Studio “Fly on the Wall : Reimagining Cross- Border Territories Through Design Thinking” taught by Visiting Critics Rozana Montiel, Derek Dellekamp, Erin Pellegrino, B.Arch. 2014, and Sana Frini.

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