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TODD: A Companion ln The Fluff

Published onMay 28, 2020
TODD: A Companion ln The Fluff

TODD is an unannounced but wholesome guest in our places of daily passage. Its exo-hide is stark but plush; made of soft contours and folds for amicable discussion among those curious enough to explore. Observers and passersby are encouraged to prod, push, touch, caress, sit on, hug, and engulf themselves in TODD’s longing appendages; breathing life into its presence through their animating interactions.

As is the case for all living things, the duration of the pavilion is finite. Its decomposition into an assortment of constituent parts is unavoidable, but like seedlings of dying vegetation, these constituent elements will take on lives of their own; breaking apart from their initial configurations and taking root in surrounding buildings. In its division, the pavilion will challenge the persistent sterility of the cold, expansive, steel, and concrete environments that contemporary humans so mercilessly inflict upon themselves. It defines an engrossing milieu of natural curvature; a space so sensationally humane—and sensorially human—that it better resembles its occupants than the inanimate enclosure it inhabits.

TODD is smooth to the touch, eerie to the Freudian mind, and warming to the busied soul.

Installation sculpture, fabric + plush stuffing, partially funded by CCA and completed for Cornell’s 2018 CCA Biennial

October 2018


Roy Albert:

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