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The Glasshouse

Published onJul 08, 2020
The Glasshouse

The Glasshouse on Martha's Vineyard was originally designed by Chester Wisniewski, an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, a professor at Cooper Union for over two decades, and founder of Davis, Brody, and Wisniewski. Renovation of the building is a constant process, as maintaining a glass building on the island is no easy task. The result, however, is a beautiful living space that blurs the boundaries between outside and in. Used mainly as a vacation home in the summer months, the building is still a part of Wisniewski family. The project work involved upgrading and repairing many aspects of the existing structure and designing a new kitchen and dining area for the home.


The layout is rational to maximize utility and connection to the landscape. The bedrooms form a ring that opens to an interior courtyard; this provides the interior circulation path amongst Japanese maple trees and a screened-in private garden. One makes use of the wrap-around interior and exterior porch frequently, as living does not happen solely within the house, but within nature as well.

At sunset, the interior surfaces reflect the orange, red and yellow hues of the sky.

Built Work

August 2017

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