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INTERPOLIS: A city for Introverts and Extroverts

Published onJul 18, 2020
INTERPOLIS: A city for Introverts and Extroverts

Today’s contemporary society has been marked by an ever increasing culture of congestion and globalization. Cities are becoming bigger and bigger, and in turn its buildings have become thinner and taller. This has resulted in the formation of a new urban home, one that has been restricted to the confines of the residential skyscraper, visually connected to the city below in its abstract manifestation (perceived space), yet physically disconnected from its more granular and social manifestation (lived space).

In a society divided between introverted and extroverted individuals, the urban home has now become a refuge for the introvert citizen, where working, eating, playing and resting are all done inside the confines of the home. In contrast, the extrovert seeks to experience and live outside in the city, relying on the architectural retreat of the home for just sleeping.

This is a fairytale exposing the contrary lifestyles of introverts and extroverts in the city, a tale that re-imagines a new housing typology in a congested city where the most expensive real estate is not terrestrial space anymore (the ground), but celestial space (the heavens); a city where introverts maximize their time inside the home and extroverts maximize their time outside the home. 

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