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Land Fall

Published onMay 21, 2020
Land Fall

Land Fall is an on-going photographic project depicting a non-consecutive series of events that imagine a flashpoint in history, a potential tipping point of disaster. Sited in the context of unsettlingly familiar, yet dystopic, environments, each image simultaneously suggests a future catastrophe and a time of aftermath - the wake of an unnamed breakdown, perhaps technological, perhaps environmental, possibly both.

Shot is various location around the UK, notably the decommissioned nuclear power station Sizewell B, and industrial sites around the London area, each image in Land Fall is an amalgamated staged construction that freezes both place and time in digital suspension. Land Fall forms part of Jury's on-going interest in the psychological impact of photomedia and what she terms 'suspended trauma' -  unresolved events replayed through shared narratives often supported by screen technologies - including depictions of impending catastrophes such as climate change.

Blaise Verhoveen:

Stunning photographs. Send flowers to Belgium