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Escuela Mixta Ramon Rosa

Published onJul 08, 2020
Escuela Mixta Ramon Rosa

Originally comprised of two classrooms for six grades, derelict toilet facilities, and a kitchen ruin from the 1920s, the village school in El Rodeito, Honduras was in desperate need of renovation. With an oddly shaped site and desultory building orientations, the required programmatic additions aim to unify these disparate spatial relationships.

The new classrooms form a curved spine, dividing the site into two. The eastern side offers barren terraces for outdoor learning whilst the western portion is reserved for play. Densely planted with shade-lending trees, the “imagination forest” links the new kitchen to the existing football pitch. Finally, an administrative office with a neighboring clinic was added next to the main entrance while the existing classrooms were appropriated to a centrally located library and comp. lab.

Natural rock was sourced on-site to grade the sloping terrain. Hybrid ramps and stepped seating provide various congregation spaces as well as accessibility across the site. This minimized the cost of landscaping and provided an elevational organization of the new campus.

At the level of the classroom, several design considerations were executed to ameliorate the indoor learning environment. A gabled pitch is supported by rebar spacer trusses, from which drop ceilings and student’s work may be hung. Wall openings invite dominant winds to passively ventilate the school, secured with welded rebar leftovers.

Construction Start Date: August 2016

Status: Ongoing


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