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Soft Process

Published onApr 23, 2020
Soft Process

SOFT PROCESS is an experiment with the slip-cast ceramic process, which exhibited at Tjaden Hall in the fall of 2016. The installation is the result of a production sequence that demonstrates the effect of material properties and the procedural parameters of the casting process, hypothesized as a sort of genetic coding. The effect of these properties has been accentuated by casting through a soft membrane which significantly amplifies any weaknesses in the cast piece and permits a controlled collapse. Through the degree of its collapse, each piece demonstrates the strength of the casting conditions.

Although the title of this installation refers to the softening of a rigid and technical production process in order to explore an aspect of the procedural restrictions, the ceramic specimens have also taken on the soft texture of the elastic membrane, giving a deceptive softness to the rigid pieces.

Medium, Date: CCA funded art installation completed in Dec, 2015 and exhibited in September, 2016

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