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Plans, Dreams, and Destiny

Published onMay 28, 2020
Plans, Dreams, and Destiny

For the past few years I have been working with my concept of “Unwritten Will,” in which I explore the larger question of what we receive from people and places that are important to us.

“Blueprint of My Mind”

22" x 40"

Graphite, Pen, Etching, and Watercolor on Okawara paper, mounted on Rives

For this project, I continued this theme with a specific focus: an exploration of the house in which I grew up. House Number A-2, in Jaipur, India. I studied several aspects of this house, including floor plans and the physical architecture. I drew from many objects in the house, like birth charts, calendars, letters, doilies, album covers, and other personal belongings.

“Family Portrait”

29" x 40"

Graphite, Pen, Etching, and Watercolor on Okawara paper, mounted on Rives

Working with these, I wondered if spaces we grew up in become a foundation for who we are. My explorations answered some questions for me, but many remain, and I continued to think, draw, and print. It was my hope that my work will generate thoughts about these important questions that many of us reflect on in our lives.

“Paper Boats”

10" x 13"

Etching, Pencil, Chine Colle, and Sari fabric on Yuku Shi paper, mounted on Tiepolo

The majority of pieces in this project were works on paper, including drawing and print based works. They were created using pencil and experimental printing techniques on Japanese Kozo paper. This paper allowed for complex layering using Chine Collé, drawing, and painting.

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