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The Unhealable Wound: A Play

Published onMar 05, 2020
The Unhealable Wound: A Play

Model (3d print, resin, soap) & Processing

December 15, 2014

The following drawings and models represent the odyssey of The Unhealable Wound. This narrative follows a series of scenographic archetypes founded on Carl Jung’s psychology. Through eight acts, The Unhealable Wound manifests itself upon the stage of the primitive form, a physical and psychological rift that can never be resealed. This loss of innocence can not be undone. Representative of global pollution, the timeline reflects a path towards oblivion and man’s intervention establishes an alternate series of events. Each scene depicts a stage upon which the material actors perform. These performances seek to communicate their identity with the viewing audience in the vein of l’architecture parlante.

The stage is set.

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