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Published onJul 18, 2020

After Architecture, LLC (founded by Katie MacDonald, B.Arch. ’13 & Kyle Schumann, B. Arch. ’13) was commissioned to design and construct a pair of permanent outdoor public artworks for the San Diego Marina Walk, collectively known as Sea Forms.

Kelp is an immersive pathway of undulating aluminum strips that compress and expand to direct circulation and views. Located on the new Marina Walk, the installation forms a vibrant, sculptural passageway along an otherwise blank wall, transforming from vertical sculpture into paving strips and finally into landscape elements surrounded by reeflike flora. The strips become a faux brise soleil that frames views of the bay.

The installation presents an active experience, allowing visitors to rediscover the piece from various viewpoints, with aluminum faces and painted undersides that wash the party wall in an animated dance of hues.

Unified Port of San Diego Tenant Percent for Art Project

Engineer: Le Messurier

Rayon Ston:

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