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House of Memory

Published onSep 08, 2020
House of Memory

The house is proposed to be situated in between the quiet courtyard valley designed connected to the historical Convento do Carmo and the bustling shopping street, Rua do Carmo. An existing tunnel links the two contrasting urban conditions while mediating the change in elevation as one crosses the passageway. Like connecting two memories together, the tunnel is a dynamic transitory space; the fragmented are joined by an indistinct, multisensory portal.

Built to surround the tunnel, the house is composed of five spaces: wash, sleep, read, eat, and gather. The house is imagined as one space in which surfaces above and below the body fluctuate to carve subconsciously perceived spaces. Rather than being visually constructed, the nostalgia of the city and spirits embodies itself in perceptual encounters and emotional responses.

Surfaces surrounding the public tunnel (above, below, and sides) are carved to react to the passageway without directly touching it. The constant temporal shifts in atmosphere create blurred, unclear possibilities for the memories of a space. Traditional mediums such as charcoal and watercolor were used for drawings and models to explore preservations of a dynamic state of the medium.

The project studies how to replicate feelings, emotions, and physical qualities of spaces to create a dream-like experience for bodies to perceive.

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