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Cartographic bodies

Published onNov 08, 2020
Cartographic bodies

The drawing series originated from a simple, mechanical motion: the act of walking. From this everyday movement, observations about cities, visceral perception and bodies in space began to emerge.

The summers that I’ve spent in New York (2015) and Paris (2016) became an immersive (obsessive) investigation of how metropolitan life is embedded in the rituals and consciousness of the individual. I was especially interested in the visual representation and spatial dimensions of the city—thus, the research merged the acts of walking, reading and drawing throughout my daily rhythms.

Besides notebooks filled with sketches, I worked on a larger scale drawing series based on the architectural analysis of the city and the way memory fragments these images. The semi-autobiographical/cartographic drawings attempt to visualize themes of temporality and built space against the monumental backdrop of the city.


Funded in part by the Frederic Conger Wood Summer Research Fellowship

Drawings will be compiled in a monograph and included in an exhibition for Andrea Simitch’s Monograph Arch Elective

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