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In Pursuit of Great Form

Published onJul 18, 2020
In Pursuit of Great Form

‘Every new style starts with a geometric phase’ concluded the Viennese art historian Alois Riegl at the beginning of modernism in 1900. Based on the idea that art develops historically by alternating between linear and geometric styles, we witnessed the end of a recent phase of freeform experimentation in architecture which can be traced back to a series of socio-economic and historical changes over the 90s’ and 2000’s. 

Following Mies van der Rohe’s pursuit of the ‘Great Form’, as the ambition of avant-garde architects a century ago to capture a Zeitgeist, setting out to unify all modes of cultural expression through form, we attempted to interpret the current Zeitgeist through Form. 

Following a sculptural process and vocabulary of positive/negative space or volume, and exploration of analogue Rhino through physical model making in wireframe, plane and solid material translation, we culminated in an exhibition on December 2018 at the heart of the AAP. 

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