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Inhabitable Infrastructures

Mississippi Delta Territorial Flux and Deltaic Urbanity

Published onMay 26, 2020
Inhabitable Infrastructures

Confronted with a series of environmental issues such as storm surge, flooding, and sea level rise, the Mississippi delta will eventually dramatically lose land and will no thus longer be suitable for future habitation. In response to these issues, this project suggests a linear development which extends from preexisting infrastructure. The New Orleans City offers highway of the possibility to foster a highly urbanized city along the artificial pieces of infrastructure. This vision of the city is constructed by mega-structures within a fractal and ecological system. The continuous infrastructure is able to transform the original land grid into an ecological archipelago while simultaneously accommodating climate change and rapid urbanization. The project itself has both urban and architecture interpretations.

This project was completed in the Option Studio “Urban Ecologies Beyond the Levees Territorial Flux and Architectural Environmentality in the Mississippi Delta” by Assistant Professor Tao DuFour.

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