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Traces of Making

Published onJun 10, 2020
Traces of Making

Traces of Making, a research-based thesis project by Jeremy Bilotti and David Rosenwasser, demonstrates a generative design process based on collaboration between designers, robotic tools, advanced software, and nuanced material behavior. The project employs fabrication tools which are typically used in highly precise and predetermined applications, revealing and thematizing the unpredictable and unexpected aspects of these processes. Integrating sensing systems that respond to a designer’s input during the fabrication process, the proposed process demonstrates the possibility for real-time feedback loops which consider the spontaneous agency of the designer (or craftsperson) rather than the execution of static or predetermined designs.

This project was a B.Arch. collaborative research thesis advised by Professor Jenny Sabin, Visiting Critic Dasha Khapalova and Assistant Professor Tao DuFour.

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