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In the End, It is (Not) Just a Trick

Published onJun 23, 2020
In the End, It is (Not) Just a Trick

Magic makes us willingly suspend disbelief in an attempt to feel part of something bigger: a transient truth that shows promise of a larger more permanent goal. Magic presents a window through which images of other worlds jump at us; these images and impressions are enough to thrust us into a helpless and content state of awe.

The project is a distillation of the manifold concepts of magic through the mysterious coincidental burning of four churches across the globe on May 1st, 2016. The resulting intervention is the result of our current modes of orthographic projections with a slight correction to account for a possible non-euclidian world. The proposal is the creation of a space for spiritual architectural pilgrimages, and is to become a harbinger for architectural spiritual thought in the post-industrial information world. 

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