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Nomad Land

Metacities for a Trans-Territorial Civilization

Published onJun 10, 2020
Nomad Land

This project proposes traveling caravans that slowly coalesce into informal settlements around key destinations of a border-free planet. Radically democratic, these organically grown roving cities are entirely built by the citizens who join this continuous procession facilitated by a transcontinental transportation network. Using modular steel and timber elements that are easily assembled and disassembled, citizens constantly add-on, modify, and re-configure habitable structures in open spaces or by inhabiting existing infrastructures along the way. Building on a rich genealogy of communal travel, these urban swarms are built, designed and joined together to promote alimentary self-sufficiency: sustaining the traveling populations with photo-voltaic powered greenhouses and rainwater collectors. Subsequently, these cities grow and shrink in a constant state of flux. As climates and resource allocations shift, the adoption of nomadic policies— where sharing, collaboration and innovation are inserted into the global framework—will shape how societies can ensure future permanence and flexible adaptation.

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